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As a certified reseller, J.R. Jacob & Associates will install, customize and support all modules of Adagio.

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Adagio Accounting is designed for small-to-medium size organizations that manage $2 to $100 million in sales/revenue, with significant transaction volume and at least one person responsible for managing those transactions. This modular accounting system combines a batch interface that is easy to understand and control with online processing in order entry and inventory control. Additionally, Adagio provides dynamite-looking invoices, checks and statements on blank paper. All this without being forced to use a mouse during data entry or any of the other accounting procedures. With over 20 modules to service a number of industries, Adagio is a fantastic solution for those businesses who have outgrown systems such as Sage 50 or Quickbooks!


Things users love about Adagio:

  • The amazing financial reporter.  For organizations that manage through their financial statements, Adagio Ledger's Financial Reporter is second to none. The reporter combines complete statement design flexibility and formatting with ease of use.
  • The integration with Excel.  A single click sends your financial statement to Excel, preserving all the formatting. Any fields from any file can be exported using only a few mouse clicks.

  • The speed of data entry.  Strong keyboard entry capabilities make data entry fast and easy, which is so important for accounting data entry clerks. Every transaction type can be copied and automatically updated, saving thousands of keystrokes throughout the day.

  • The great information lookup features.  The drill down ability is so convenient. For example, when you create a batch, you an quickly drill to a customer record and bring up all of the sales statistics and transaction history for that customer.

  • The Statement/Letter/Check/Invoice Designer  that comes with the product makes it simple to create professional documents complete with your company logo, MICR encoding on laser form checks, and more.

  • Easy and seamless conversions.  Converting to Adagio couldn't be easier. We can convert your data from many systems so you don't have to worry about losing any history. Most conversions can take place over a weekend, so there is virtually no downtime! 

For more information about Adagio, please see Softrak Systems website or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your specific needs.